Dresses For Women Over 50: Style Tips

When it comes to dresses for women over 50 women’s wears like clothes, footwear and lingerie and even accessoires comes in various ranges according to women’s shapes and sizes. It is possible to be fashionable, even if you are over 50 years according to style experts.

Professional Looks for Women over 50

Those days are gone when trousers were prohibited at the office. Today workplaces have become more casual.Office looks runs from jeans and flip-flops to outdated power suits and pumps.

•    Get rid of the boxy blazers with shoulder pads.

•    Wear Stretched wool pants in black, navy blue, grey or khaki colour.

•    Four kinds of shoes: low-heel shoes with back in black, flat shoes comfortable for work, shoes to wear in evening and casual shoes for weekends.

•    Pencil skirt fitted according to your body-type hitting mid-knee.

Casual Looks for Women

Casual dress is one of the biggest problems when time comes to the age of women. Mostly Dresses For Women Over 50 fall in these 2 categories-

•    The casual wear dresses

•    The party or the formal wear

Dresses For Women Over 50Jeans go well

Women should wear a nice pair of jeans. Also, manufacturers are designing jeans for every type of body fit. So, women should spend time on trying a variety of sizes and styles to get the most flattering fit according to age.

•    The colour of jeans should be true blue, avoid any cuts, embroidery and holes.

•    The shape or cut of jeans will affect your body shape. The boot-cut jeans whose bottom has slight flare, gives balance to hip.

•    Cotton denim containing 2 – 3% Lycra provides stretching and more comfort than 100% cotton which sag after wearing few hours.

•    Location, size of pocket and stitching should be finishing the look at backside.

After choosing the perfect jeans, chose the classic top, accessory and right shoe to complete the look. You should not wear tennis shoes with jeans.

Evening Looks for Women

Length of Dresses For Women Over 50 should be between the floor-length and knee-length.A black dress is perfect for an evening out for women of any age. You should follow the following steps to choose a style that compliments your body.

•    You can wear strapless if your shoulders and upper arms are having great shape.

•    You can wear V-neck style if your neck is not plumy and you have nice cleavage.

•    You can wear sleeveless if you are having toned arms.

•    You can wear open back dresses if you are having good shape of your back.

Hair and Makeup

When you are getting old, you can hardly recognize your look in the mirror. So, hair and makeup can make you look young and fresh.

Hairstyle that suits you perfectly in 40s may not be suited for your 50s. So, you should change your hair style. Grey hair makes a woman to look older. So, if you want to colour your hair, go for lighter shades than your natural base colour which will lighten your face, also colour your hair after every 4 to 6 weeks.

Makeup should be soft and highlight your eyes. You should not use now, heavy foundations and blushers. For lipstick and nail paint, use paler shades.

Dos and Don’ts for dresses for women over 50

•    While shopping, you should know your size measurement for dresses appropriately

•    For shopping, you should be aware of what styles are fit for your taste, body type, budget and lifestyle instead of following only the trends.

•    Shopping for shoes should be according to clothing style and comfortable and in style.

•    You should keep yourself up to date. Also add belts, watches and other accessories, which give an elegant look as per your age.

•    Your handbag should not match with your shoes.

•    You should not wear tight fitting clothes, but consider wrap dresses, which works well with your increasing or decreasing curves.

•    Cardigans are a fashion accessory and the best way to cover up arms. Get tank tops in bulk in white, black and cream to wear under the cardigans for a smoother look.

•    Wear white jeans with flat sandals and the tunic tops in warmer weather. When black boots and a pullover are worn, pairing along with a pretty scarf in cool weather looks good.

A woman who is dressed in well-made and well-fitted clothes gives her confidence to move out.